Welcome to Norships AS!

About Our Company

Norships is an independent third-party marine consultancy and survey organization. We act as Marine Warranty Surveyors and Owner Representatives. We perform Loss Prevention Surveys, Engineering Reviews, Procedure Reviews, Vessel Suitability Surveys and participate in risk assessment activities. We can provide independent verification of critical operations.

Our surveyors attend key operations onshore and offshore issuing a Certificate of Approval certifying the successful preparation for such operations.

Our breadth and depth of expertise and vast knowledge and experience enable us to provide our clients with practical and cost-effective solutions for safe daily work at sea.

We perform our services according to quality standard ISO 9001:2015


Our Goal

At Norships we have developed a Survey department to offer a full range of services throughout the entire manufacturing process.

We begin with manufacturer review and complete with documentation review.

Our delivery of high quality Survey services ensures that products are always manufactured according to your requirements and specifications.

Quality is maintained adhering to required timeframes, and equipment shipped according to procedures, always accompanied by required documentation and Certificate of Approval.

Our Commitment

At Norships we understand your challenges, and we are committed to perform all given tasks according to your expectations.

Furthermore, while our origin and main focus  lies within Shipping and Offshore oil & gas, we are leveraging our knowledge and experience into various sectors, such as renewable energy and aquaculture.


Norships AS and Magsaysay Learning Resources, Inc. in Manila

on 25th of January 2019 signed a Memorandum of Understanding to deliver the Practical and Theoretical Training in Gas Measurement and Use of Gas Measuring Instruments Course in the Philippines. Under the agreement, Magsaysay’s trainers will deliver the training on behalf of Norships in the Philippines and Asian region.


Norships AS is appointed as Surveyor

by Elkem Carbon AS as preferred supplier for independent 3rd party survey services such as Vessel Draft Survey, Cargo Survey, Quantity Survey and Owners Representative for counting, weighing, sampling and quality determination.


Norships AS is appointed by Glencore International AG and Glencore Nikkelverk AS

as contracted Marine Warranty Surveyors for services such as Vessel Suitability Survey (tank cleanness inspection), Cargo Survey and Owners Representative for weighing, sampling and quality determination. This contract will provide visibility on our future revenues with our maritime busines and will strengthen the company for its growth, going forward. This achievement wouldn’t be possible without our excellent crew, our professionalism and good teamwork. Contract was signed on 3rd of October 2018